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BioCircu Pyrolysis Repellent       for planting farm


Light brown transparent liquid. Un-delitued smells of rosin; diluted mild aroma.
Water dilution ratio:   1:400-450 at volume

Art.nr. NS-01-RP   
500ml bottle   75*75*180H/btl  460*320*200H/24btl/ctn

Mainly used for all kinds of fruit trees and vegetable farming.

     * Before large invasion by pests, you can prevent it with the product, which most insects are very sensitive to, and would get away instinctively. As the product is not poisonous farmers are not required to cover the fruit during spraying. This greatly reduces the labor cost for growers. Even strawberry, mulberry and other soft peelless fruit can also be sprayed directly.
     * When insect invasion is already there, you can drive it out with the product: This preparation is not toxic, therefore, it does not kill the insedts, but expelle them.
     * Most eggs during hatching are highly sensitive to the environment. The preparation is weakly acidic, the eggs can not hatch
after application.
     * In greenhouse the products are more effetive. Insects instinctively refuse to get into a greenhouse with smell of this products. Those which have already been inside the greenhouse will try everyway to scatter away. So, don't forget to open enough pathes for the insects to flee.
1.Spray from the top of plants, then give insects 3-4 hours to flee.
2.Spray the trunk or stem, and waiting for another
3-5 hours.
3.Check the overall tree or plant for insects.
Confirmed that no pests are left, then spray the surrounding soil aroubd the plant.. insectinsect 2
5.From the second day onwards, you can spray the whole tree by one time. During future insect management, soil surface will no longer need any spray.
6.After first couple of days insect control, spray will not have to be done everyday. In most cases
fog insects won't come back again unless them can't feel the existance of the BioCirCu.pot
    In slug-invaded date-palmtrees,  we spray every the other tree on the leaves , branches , trunks and the surrounding soil. The result is striking: the slugs would try to move to the neighbour tree which is not sprayed. Their adult moth will fly away and no longer come back to the tree under experiment. Floriculture was also tested. Flower farmers' headache cuased by planthoppers who are sensitive to this preparation is much improved.
This product can only mist-spray . We do not recommend sprinkling irrigation or watering to avoid most of the liquid into the soil , resulting in waste.


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