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Family Perfume
-----Colorless transparent liquid, with multiple flavor. Fast de-odoring, destroying parasites' living environment.

     Each family has a lot of soft-furniture. They are prone to unpleasant odors and breeding mites, mold or other microorganisms. They look very clean, in fact, whereas they are a dangerous source of pollution around us - because we never fortified them. Garbage is dirty, we will escape from or seal it consciously, so as to avoid contamination. However, we will not only nnever beware sofa cushions and pillows, but will closely contact these softwares. These items can not be cleaned every day, whereas our own secretions and metabolites (such as sweat, dandruff and grease, etc.) will continuously be produced. This will provide a variety of microorganisms and parasites with favorable conditions for breeding and propagation. While washing is an effective means to eliminate this pollution, it is hard to imagine that we should always wash quilts and sofa internal filling material, such as cotton or mat.
     NOW, our home perfume will virtually eliminate these odors and micro-organisms, and can get rid of many common parasites.


Common softwares easily contaminated are:
Carpet, floor mats.
Floor shoes, cotton slippers.
Towels, blankets, sheets, mattresses and pillows.
Sofas, cushions and stuffed toys.

sofa bed
slipper carpet

    In addition, each person's body will emit some odor. Generally most of these odors are not pleasant. Perfumes come into being trying to cover up the smell. The best perfume not only performs concealment of the odors, but elimination of them. What we are doing is to find the scientific and safe method to damage the living conditions for ammonia, nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide, indole and their derivatives which are the main known sources of odors, thus eliminating odors foundation. Moreover, many fungi, which are not killed easily, are sensitive to our perfume. If the perfume is used on shoes or socks, not only eliminate the smell but prevent or treat athlete's foot too. Lingerie, underwear is an ideal place for bacteria to hide, where microbes can multiply into amazing number within an hour. Warm body's secretions and excretions of metabolites and residues build comfortable enviornment for the microbes and let them extremely active, causing itching and odors. Although you can rely on traditional perfume to cover these odors to a certain extent, but you can not eliminate these microorganisms by eradicating the root causes of odors.

Application on below articles can prevent odors or be effectively deodored with our perfume:
  • Leather gloves, hats, scarves
  • Boots, socks
  • Lingerie, underwear
  • Sweater, knitted wool trouser
The best time for application is before you leave for a soirée or a social.

glove underwear towl socks
scarf pyj 2 sweater cap
Usage: spray mist on all kinds of soft items regularly . Application of this perfume may bring a short time of moisture. Just let them be and no need to hang up to dry.

For male: 120ml / bottle
Aroma: MT01 tea    MY01 rosin (Original)   MG01 tender grass

For female: 80ml / bottle
FM01 jasmine    FR01 rose   FX01 lavender    FY01 rosin (Original)