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De-odorant for industry & service business
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1. De-odorant for industry
Art.nr. NS-1-IN   
500ml bottle   75*75*180H/btl  460*320*200H/24btl/ctn500 indus deodor 


Light brown transparent liquid.  Un-diluted liquid smells of rosin and diluted aromatic. Water-solubility. Applied to odor pollution, immediately effective.
Water dilution ratio:  1:100-150 by volume, or according to pollution degree.
Frequency of use: According to the pollutant degree & environment. High temperature, severe pollution may require to increase the frequency of application. Odor reappearance is the signal for the next spray.
application a smell of rosin may appear. This smell to people, livestock and the environment are without any poison. Under normal circumstances, this odor will soon disappear.

The De-odorant is commonly used on following polluting sources:

  • Husbandry: for livestock pens, poultry droppings to clear individual animal odor, and get rid of parasites.
  • Feed manufacturing industry: particularly suitable for fish-powder, bone-powder and other animal products and their production residuals.
  • Slaughtering plant: for the equipment, tools, crates, trailers and drainage ditch for waste, like oil & blood, as well as residual containers.
  • Leather Factory: tanning process for semi-finished products, waste and sewage.
  • Fermented products industry: lees of alcohol distill or similar,  pharmaceutical fermentation residues.
  • Food industry: such as meat plants, fish processing plants.
  • Trash disposal stations
  • Other industries producing unpleasant odors.
Pictures below are few examples. They are pig-pen, leather factory and a trash disposal.

500 hotel

2. De-odorant Spray for the service business

Yellow or colorless transparent liquid.Smell of rosin.
Direct spray will de-odor polluting source immediately.
500ml/bottle   55*105*255H/btl   430*230*265H/24btl/carton
Art. nr. 50TX001 Sandalwood smell
Art. nr. 50Y-001 Rosin smell

The services business below often produce unpleasant odors:

  • Restaurant's kitchen garbage, waste
  • Public Toilets
  • Hospital: medical waste transporting system, like containers, carts etc.Patients with fecal contaminated utensils, bedding, clothes and room.
  • Laundry industry: such as cleaning heavily contaminatedclothing, fabric and padding materials and so on.
  • Pet shop
  • Rooms for public use like restaurant dinning room, meeting rooms and so on. Walls, furniture, carpets and curtains may bear stubborn odors.

This product can also be used for home sanitary.

*cockroaches, mosquitoes, ants and many other insects are highly sensitive to the above two products.

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